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Section 1: Introduction to SAP Upgrades
Lecture 1 SAP Upgrade Roadmap
Lecture 2 SAP Enhancement Package (EhP)

Section 2: Planning of SAP Upgrade
Lecture 3 Why Upgrade is necessary in SAP
Lecture 4 Factors to Decide SAP Upgrade Strategy
Lecture 5 SAP System Landscape
Lecture 6 SAP Upgrade Approaches
Lecture 7 Complexity of SAP Upgrade

Section 3: Role of SAP Solution Manager during SAP Upgrades
Lecture 8 SAP Stack File Generation using SAP Solution Manager
Lecture 9 SAP Testing

Section 4: SAP Upgrade Tools
Lecture 10 SAP Software Update Manager – SUM Tool
Lecture 11 SAP Software Provisioning Manager
Lecture 12 ICNV – Incremental Conversion in SAP Upgrade
Lecture 13 SAP Mass Activation
Lecture 14 SAP ACT_UPG Phase

Section 5: SAP ECC Upgrade
Lecture 15 SAP System Methodology
Lecture 16 Shadow Instance Creation during SAP Upgrade
Lecture 17 SE95 – SAP Modification Browser
Lecture 18 SAP SPDD
Lecture 19 SAP SPAU
Lecture 20 SAP Support Packages and Add-ons
Lecture 21 SAP Kernal Upgrade

Section 6: SAP Upgrade – Execution
Lecture 22 SAP ECC Upgrade Walkthrough
Lecture 23 SAP ECC Upgrade Part 1.1
Lecture 24 SAP ECC Upgrade Part 1.2
Lecture 25 SAP ECC Upgrade Part 1.3
Lecture 26 SAP ECC Upgrade Part 1.4
Lecture 27 SAP ECC Upgrade Part 1.5

Section 7: SAP Security during Upgrade
Lecture 28 SU24 SAP Maintain Check Indicators
Lecture 29 SAP Check Indicators – SU25

Section 8: SAP AS Java Upgrade
Lecture 30 Dual Stack Split for SAP Netweaver
Lecture 31 SAP JAVA Upgrade
Lecture 32 JSPM – SAP Java Service Pack Upgrade

Section 9: Upgrade Services from SAP
Lecture 33 Upgrade Services from SAP
Lecture 34 Upgrade Paths in SAP
Section 10: Unicode Conversion in SAP
Lecture 35 Unicode Conversion in SAP

Section 11: Appendix and Supplementary Materials for SAP Upgrades
Lecture 36 SAP Best Practices
Lecture 37 FAQs in SAP Upgrade
Lecture 38 Conclusion for the SAP Upgrade Training

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