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Unit 1: HTML

Creating our first web page

Line breaks, paragraphs and headers

Bold, italics and comments


Linking to another page


directory structures

New audio tag, New video tag


Forms, Get/Post method, action

Unit 2: Cascade Style sheet

External style sheet

Font properties

CSS comments

Box model, padding, border, margin, padding


Div and Span

Working with colors

Background images

ID’s, child selectors, pseudo classes

Styling links, styling lists

Rounded corners

Linear gradient

Float and clear

New tags for the layout

Unit 3: DOM

Document Object Model

Relating HTML Elements

Unit 4: Javascript

Introduction to JavaScript

Statements and Comments

Finding Errors

Variables, Data Types




Functions, Functions with Parameters

Functional with Multiple Parameters

Variable scope


Statements if, else, nesting if, Complex Conditions, switch

While loop, for loop

Objects, properties and methods

Referencing elements in JavaScript

Changing an image source

Forms, form values

Form validation text boxes, and passwords

Radio buttons, Check Boxes

Creating HTML Element

Modifying HTML Elements

Appending HTML Elements

Deleting HTML Elements

Regular Expressions

Object oriented Javascript

Prototype in Javascript

Javascript Literals

Javascript Objects, properties, and functions

Unit 5: jQuery



DOM Manipulation

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