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1. General Settings in Transaction Manager
2. General settings
Define Company Code additional data
Define Portfolio
Define Traders
3. Assign Factory Calendar
4. Define and Assign Accounting codes and Valuation areas
5. Initialization of Parallel Valuation Areas
Define and Assign Valuation Classes
6. Define Account Determination
7. Money Market / Foreign Exchange
8. Define Product Types
9. Define Number range for Transaction Types
10. Define Flow Types
Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type
11. Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows
12. Define Derivation Procedures and Rules
Define Update Types and Assign Usages
Assign Flow Types to Update Types
13. Define Correspondence Activities
14. Assign General Valuation Class
15. Securities
Define Currency Units
Define Number Range for Security Classes
16. Define Company Code-Dependent Settings for the Product Type
17. Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type
Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows
18. Define Derivation Procedures and Rules
19. Credit Risk Analyzer ( SAP Risk Management)
20. Global Settings
Define Collateral Priority
21. Define Collateral Type
22. Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration
23. Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for Money Market transactions
24. Activate Integrated Default Risk Limit Check

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