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Section 1: My First Section
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 SAP Products Overview
Lecture 3 :SAP Service Market place
Lecture 4 SAP Help Portal
Lecture 5 Client Concept
Section 2: SAP System Architecture
Lecture 6 SAP Technical Architecture
Lecture 7 SAP System Landscape
Lecture 8 ICM – Intenet Communication Manager
Lecture 9 Web Dispatcher
Lecture 10 Load Balancing using Web Dispatcher
Section 3: SAP WEB Application Server-1
Lecture 11 Starting and Stopping SAP
Lecture 12 Dailog Work Process in SAP
Lecture 13 SAP Logon Groups
Lecture 14 Profiles
Lecture 15 Operation Modes
Lecture 16 License Management in ABAP
Lecture 17 License Management in Java based SAP Systems
Section 4: SAP Security
Lecture 18 AS ABAP – User Administration and Authorization concept
Lecture 19 AS Java – User Administration and Authorization concept
Lecture 20 SAP Background Jobs
Section 5: Data Archiving
Lecture 21 SAP Data Archiving
Section 6: SAP Solution Manager
Lecture 22 SAP Solution Manager
Section 7: Printing and Spooling
Lecture 23 Printing and Spooling
Section 8: Software Logistics
Lecture 24 Software Logistics Overview
Lecture 25 SAP Transport Management System
Lecture 26 Transport Import
Lecture 27 Client Tools Administration
Lecture 28 SAP Customizing
Lecture 29 CTS+
Section 9: Workload Analysis
Lecture 30 Workload Analysis Monitors
Lecture 31 SAP Memory Management
Lecture 32 CBO SQL Cache Analysis
Lecture 33 SAP Table Buffering
Lecture 35 Database Backup
Lecture 36 Scheduling, Performing and Monitoring Backups
Section 12: SAP Monitoring
Lecture 37 AS ABAP -System monitoring
Lecture 38 AS JAVA – System monitoring
Lecture 39 CCMS Alert Monitor
Section 13: Splitting of Dual Stack System
Lecture 40 Splitting of Dual Stack System
Section 14: SAP System Installations
Lecture 41 Installation and Configuration of SAP Gui
Section 15: SAP System Maintenance
Lecture 42 How to perform Kernal Upgrade
Lecture 43 How to setup – Remote Connection to SAP ?
Lecture 44 Solution Manager Key Generation
Lecture 45 How to generate a Key for the OS/DB Migration
Section 16: SAP Troubleshooting
Lecture 46 Locks
Lecture 47 Netweaver Administration – NWA
Lecture 48 Visual Administrator in SAP JAVA
Lecture 49 BR Tools in SAP
Lecture 50 SAP MMC
Lecture 51 SAP STAR JAVA Emergency Super User
Section 17: SAP Security Concepts
Lecture 52 Introduction to SAP Security
Lecture 53 User Master Record
Lecture 54 Authorization Check
Lecture 55 Select Authorization Concept
Section 18: SAP User Maintenance
Lecture 56 User Types in SAP R/3
Lecture 57 User Maintenance in SAP R/3
Lecture 58 Login Profile Parameters
Section 19: SAP Role Concept, Design and Maintenance
Lecture 59 Roles and Authorizations in SAP
Lecture 60 Parent and Derived Roles
Lecture 61 Composite Roles
Section 20: SAP ECC Security
Lecture 62 Organizational Levels in SAP
Lecture 63 Authorization Groups
Lecture 64 Security Tables
Lecture 65 Critical Basis Authorizations
Lecture 66 Custom Auth Objects
Lecture 67 Default Users in SAP
Lecture 68 SAP Delivered Checks
Lecture 69 SAP Profile Reconciliation – PFUD
Section 21: SAP Security Reporting
Lecture 70 SAP User Information System
Section 22: Security Support and Troubleshooting – Tips and Tricks
Lecture 71 Display Auth Data in SU53
Lecture 72 ST01 Trace in Security
Section 23: SAP Upgrades
Lecture 73 SU24 Maintain Check Indicators
Lecture 74 Copy Check Indicators – SU25
Section 24: SAP AS JAVA Security
Lecture 75 Portal Permissions
Lecture 76 UME SAP User Management
Lecture 77 UME SAP Roles Mangement
Lecture 78 SAP UME Group Management
Section 25: SAP Business Objects Security
Lecture 79 Central Management Console – CMC
Lecture 80 Creating Users and Groups in CMC
Lecture 81 Access Levels
Section 26: SAP Technical Know how to Manage SAP Security
Lecture 82 Central User Administration – CUA
Lecture 83 SE93 Custom T Code Creation
Lecture 84 SU10 – Mass User Maintenance in SAP R/3
Section 27: Conclusion
Lecture 85 Conclusion

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