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Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Integration:

SAP Cloud Integration Capabilities:

Architecture Overview:

Technical System architecture

Network Infrastructure

SAP Data Centres

Secure Communication

SAP Cloud Tools:

Web UI

Eclipse platform

SAP Cloud platform

SAP Cloud Integration Operations:

Monitor Message processing

Manage Integration Content

Manage Security Material

Design (Developing Integration Flow):

Camel’s Message model

Data transformation and

Mappings Content based routing

Message Converter and Decoder

Timer–Based Message Transfer

I-flows Message persistence

Working with Value mappings

Hand’s On :

SOAP Scenario

Mail Scenario

OData Receiver

SAP Cloud Adapters:

SOAP Adapter

SuccessFactors Adapter

Mail Adapter

Twitter Adapter

OData Adapter

IDOC Adapter

HTTP Adapter

SFTP Adapter

Ariba Adapter

Custom Adapter Overview

Build groovy Scripting.

SAP Cloud Integration Security:

Transport-level Security Options ( TLS )

Message-level Security Options ( MLS )

Protection and Data flow Security

Certificate based Communication

Private Key and Public Key certificate

Authentication and OAuth scenario

User administration and Authorization

Integration Content Catalogue:

Consuming Pre-packaged content

Configure Integration package

Modify pre-packaged content

Pre-packaged Content provided by SAP

Creating your own content package

Real time Business Scenarios:

Configure standard interface for SAP C4C to SAP ECC.

Configuration in ECC.

Configuration in C4C cloud.

Setting up Cloud integration with Cloud Connectors.

SAP Cloud Integration Enhancements:

Transport Management

Payload monitoring

Trace Function

Hybrid Deployments

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