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SECTION 1 Introduction to SAP GRC
SAP GRC Overview
Why do you need SAP GRC ?
SAP GRC 1 – what is new ?
SAP GRC version history
Terminology used in SAP GRC 1
GRC Product Components
Product Availability Matrix for SAP GRC
SAP GRC – Products and Vendors
Sizing for SAP GRC

SECTION 2 Fundamentals of SAP GRC
Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
Segregation of Duties – SoD
SAP Authorization concept

SECTION 3 Concepts in SAP GRC
What is Risk ?
What is Rule Set
Role Matrix
Security Design for SAP GRC
Organizational Rules in SAP GRC

SECTION 4 Architecture and SAP GRC Infrastructure
Architecture of SAP GRC 1
Landscape Options and Deployment of SAP GRC
SAP GTS 1. – Architecture

SECTION 5 Major Components of SAP GRC
SAP GRC Access Control Suite
SAP GRC Process Control – PC
SAP GRC Global Trade Services
SAP GRC Nota Fiscal Electronica

SECTION 6 SAP GRC Access Risk Analysis – ARA
SAP GRC ARA Lifecycle
SAP GRC AC – Interface – Demo
SAP GRC Segregation of Duties – Configuration – Demo
SAP GRC Rule Set Maintenance
SAP GRC Mitigation Controls
SAP GRC ARA – Document

SECTION 7 SAP GRC ARM – Access Request Management
SAP GRC ARM – An overview
SAP GRC ARM – Configuration – Demo
Free Book on SAP GRC Access Request Management

SECTION 8 SAP GRC BRM – Business Role Management
SAP GRC BRM – An overview
SAP GRC BRM – Pre-Configuration to create first role
SAP GRC AC BRM – Role Creation and Configuration
Free Book on SAP GRC Business Rule Management
121 slides Start Lecture

SECTION 9 SAP GRC EAM – Emergency Access Management
SAP GRC EAM – An overview
SAP GRC EAM – Emergency Access Management – Workflow
SAP GRC – EAM Document
62 slides Start Lecture

SECTION 1 Setup of SAP GRC 1
Download SAP GRC from SAP Marketplace
Installation of SAP GRC 1
Installation of SAP GTS 1.
SAP GRC Risk Terminator
Integration of SAP GRC AC with SAP Identity Management
List of Supported SAP GRC Control Applications
T-Codes used in SAP GRC 1

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