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Introduction to FPM

What is Floor Plan Manager?
Benefits of Floor Plan Manager
Floor plans and its types

Object Instance Floorplan (OIF)
Quick Activity Floorplan (QAF)
Overview Floorplan (OVP)
Guided Activity Floorplan (GAF)
Architecture of FPM based Web Dynpro Applications
Overview of Component Interface IFFPMUIBUILDINGBLOCK
How to create a FPM application

Understanding common steps in configuring FPM application
Creating Application configuration
Creating Component configuration
Configuration of UIBBs
Developing an OIF application
Developing a GAF application
Developing a OVP application
Configuring Identification Region (IDR) component
Creating and Configuring an FPM Dialog box
FPM Configuration Editor

Exploring Configuration editor
– Launching Configuration editor

Configuration editor for OIF
Configuration editor for OIF
Configuration editor for OVP
Overview of Initial Screen and Confirmation Screen
Configuring Initial Screen
Configuring Confirmation Screen
-FPM Toolbar

Toolbar for Initial Screen
Toolbar for OIF
Toolbar for GAF
Dynamic Adjustments

-Application specific Configuration Controller

Declaring the AppCC in FPM Configuration Editor
AppCC Functions – OIF Application
AppCC Functions – GAF Application
AppCC Functions – OVP Application
Switching variants
Invoking Sub-roadmaps
Accessing application parameters
-Creating Quick Help

Creating Quick Help – Direct method
Creating Quick Help – Via documentation object
-Working with Toolbar

Working with Toolbar, Creating a button (OIF)
Methods in Interface IFFPMCNROIF
Methods in Interface IFFPMCNRGAF
-Identification Region (IDR)

Adjusting the Identification Region (IDR)
Adjusting the Identification Region (Header Area )
Adjusting the Identification Region ( Ticket Area )
Adjusting the Identification Region (Item Area )
-FPM Error Page

Calling an FPM Error Page
Shared Data Component

What is Shared Data Component?
GUIBB – Generic User Interface Building Block

What is GUIBB?
Feeder Class
Types of GUIBBs
-Interface Methods

Tabbed GUIBB
Search GUIBB
-Navigation in FPM Applications

Using Launchpad
FPM Navigation APIs

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