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Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 01.1 Introduction

Section 2: Technology
Lecture 2 02.1 Technology

Section 3: Prerequisite
Lecture 3 03.1 Prerequisite

Section 4: Introduction to SAP System & Landscape
Lecture 4 04 Introduction to SAP System and Landscape

Section 5: Using Microsoft Excel and VBA
Lecture 5 05 MS Excel VBA

Section 6: Logging into SAP System from Microsoft Excel
Lecture 6 06 Connect to SAP System

Section 7: Calling Function from Excel to SAP System
Lecture 7 07.1 Function Module and Table Part 1
Lecture 8 07.1 Function Module and Table Part 2
Lecture 9 07.2 Calling Function Module from Microsoft Excel

Section 8: Integrate data in Excel
Lecture 10 08.1 Logon Information Integration
Lecture 11 08.2 SAP Table to Excel
Lecture 12 08.3 SAP Table to Excel with Input

Section 9: Nested RFC function
Lecture 13 09 Nested RFC function

Section 10: VBA and Control Button
Lecture 14 10 Link VBA Program to Control Button

Section 11: Alternative logon
Lecture 15 11 Alternative logon

Section 12: Secure Network Communications – SNC
Lecture 16 12 Secure Network Communications – SNC

Section 13: Troubleshooting
Lecture 17 13 Troubleshooting

Section 14: SAP VAB Tools Review
Lecture 18 14 SAP VAB Tools Review

Section 15: Microsoft Excel Sample VBA Code
Lecture 19 15 Microsoft Excel Sample VBA Code

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