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Section 1: Welcome and Introduction
Lecture 1 Data Analysis Course – Welcome & Introduction

Section 2: Sales Document Review for Data Analysis
Lecture 2 Sales Document Business Object Introduction & Overview for Data Analysis
Lecture 3 Sales Document Access and Navigation Overview
Lecture 4 Review Sales Order Main Screens
Lecture 5 Sales Document Line Item Overview
Lecture 6 Overview of Document Flow, Status and other data
Lecture 7 Sales Order logical data setup

Section 3: Table Overview
Lecture 8 Table Overview Introduction
Lecture 9 Data Dictionary Acesss
Lecture 10 SO Data Analysis – Header – Item – Schedule Line Tables
Lecture 11 SO Data Analysis – Business Data Table Overview
Lecture 12 SO Data Analysis – Pricing Table Overview
Lecture 13 SO Data Analysis Table Overviews for Document Flow – Contracts & Status

Section 4: Sales Document to Table Field Comparison
Lecture 14 Sales Document to Table Comarison Introduction
Lecture 15 Table Field Identification through Sales Order

Section 5: Sales Order Data Model Review for Data Analysis
Lecture 16 Data Model Overview & Navigation
Lecture 17 Sales Order Data Model Usage

Section 6: Table Data Analysis
Lecture 18 Table Data Analysis Introduction
Lecture 19 Data Browser Overview
Lecture 20 New Data Browser Overview – Navigation & Selection Options
Lecture 21 Data Browser Output Overview
Lecture 22 Multiple Table with Spreadsheet example
Lecture 23 Data Analaysis: Customer Business Partner and Address Example
Lecture 24 SO Data Analysis for Status
Lecture 25 SO Data Analysis on Changes
Lecture 26 SO Data Analysis for Texts

Section 7: Query Usage for Data Analysis
Lecture 27 Query usage
Lecture 28 SO Data Analysis – Query Usage Part 2

Section 8: Course Wrap-up & Next Steps
Lecture 29 Wrap-Up and Next Steps

Section 9: Extras – Advanced Data Analysis Skills Usage
Lecture 30 Advanced Data Analysis Introduction

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