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IBP Vs IBPF( BPC Embedded )
Sales Scenario
Solution in BPC embedded
Solution in BPC optimised for S4hana
Standard cube ,real time cube ,Multi provider,Virtual provider
Solution in BPC Embedded /BPC optimised for s/4hana
BW modelling
Embedded bw modelling actual data for comparison
How to create planning Objects.
Session 6 :
Bex Query , Planning Funtion, planning filter, planning sequence

Session 7:
Planning filter Actual data in standard cube

Session 8:
Planning Function
Planning sequence

Session 9:
Multi provider
Aggregation Level
Bex Query

Session 10 :
Flat file source
How to make fox formula dynamic

Session 11:
Recap dynamic fox formula

Session 12:
Analysis for office
Environment ,Model

Session 13:
Driving Dimension
Performer and Reviewer

Session 14:
BPF -Deploy and How to use
AUDIT-enable Audit for the real info cube

Session 15:
Comment – Comment Characteristic, DSO to store the comments, Enhance Multi provider
Create a Characteristic for Comment
Create a DSO with the combination (Characteristics) required (As per Aggregation Level) and insert comment characteristic as key figure
Enhance multi provider with new Comment DSO
Enhance the Query with comment

Session 16:
Characteristic Relationship
BPC Embedded
Without Derivation – Reporting/Input templates – to generate the combinations
With Derivation – Derives the characteristic value based on characteristic relationship

Session 17:
Characteristic Relationship Configuration
DSO – Cost Center & Cost element à DSO only
We want move this combinations to real time info cube
Generate combination

Session 18:
How to activate IBPF content
SAP Note – 1972819
IBPF Vs. BPC Embedded
2 Clients

Session 19:
SAP Note – 1972819

Session 20:
DSO – Characteristic Relationship
Cost Simulation

Session 21:
Security – BPC
DSO – Characteristic Relationship
Cost Simulation

Session 22:
DSO – Characteristic Relationship
Cost Simulation

Session 23:
DSO – Characteristic Relationship

Session 24:
DSO – Characteristic Relationship
Table type
Class – BW
Planning function type
In the class you have to write HANA procedure
Planning function

Session 25:
AMDP – Testing
DSO – Characteristic Relationship

Session 26:
DSO – Characteristic Relationship
Create one DSO with cost center and GL Account
Load transaction from Cube to DSO
Enable Characterstic relationship based on DSO in the real infocube
Create Aggregation Level
Create a query
Session 27:
S/4HANA – BW Embedded – Virtual infoobjects based on Views

Session 28:
How HANA Procedure can be called in BPC using Planning function?
Table type – can be created in BW based on AL, FM

Session 29:
BW: Users, Roles, PFCG, RSECADMIN – Analytical authorization – YB110, YB111, YB116 – Read and write (Security team)
BPC – Data access profile (Business) – YB110 – Read, YB11 1– Write access

Session 30:
Matrix Security
India Monday

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