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Section 1: Getting the most out of the SAP BW BEx Analyzer
Lecture 1 SAP BEx Analyzer Course – Introduction
Lecture 2 Starting The BEx Analyzer
Lecture 3 Running Queries In The BEx Analyzer
Quiz 1 How to open reports
Lecture 4 The BEx Analyzer Default Query Output
Lecture 5 The Functions of the BEx Analyzer Toolbar
Lecture 6 BEx Analyzer Data Analysis Functions – Part 1 – Filters and Navigation options
Lecture 7 BEx Analyzer Data Analysis Functions – Part 2 – More Filters
Lecture 8 BEx Analyzer Data Analysis Functions – Part 3 Characteristic & Query Properties
Lecture 9 Saving BEx Workbooks and Query Views
Section 2: Creating Queries using the SAP BEx Query Designer
Lecture 10 Overview of the SAP BW Reporting tools landscape
Lecture 11 Starting the BEx Query Designer And Screen Layout
Lecture 12 BEx Query Designer Menus and Toolbar
Lecture 13 Creating our first BEx query
Lecture 14 Enhance our first BEx query
Lecture 15 Defining filters for our BEx query
Lecture 16 Compress and Expand Key Figures and Hierarchies
Section 3: Building Dynamic Selections into BEx Queries
Lecture 17 Dynamic Filters
Lecture 18 OLAP Variables
Lecture 19 Hierarchy Variables
Lecture 20 Hierarchy Node Variables
Lecture 21 Replacement path variables
Lecture 22 Text Variables
Lecture 23 Formula Variables
Lecture 24 Authorisation Variables
Lecture 25 SAP Exit Variables
Lecture 26 Customer Exit Variables
Section 4: Structuring our queries for re-use
Lecture 27 Structures
Lecture 28 Cell Definitions
Lecture 29 Reusing Structures
Section 5: Selections and Formulas
Lecture 30 Selections and Formulas Overview
Lecture 31 Selections
Lecture 32 Formulas
Section 6: Reusable Key Figures and Characteristics
Lecture 33 Restricted Key Figures
Lecture 34 Calculated Key Figures
Section 7: Properties of BEx Query Objects
Lecture 35 Characteristic Query Element Properties
Lecture 36 Key Figure Query Element Properties
Lecture 37 Query Element Properties
Section 8: Advanced Query Options for Analyzing Data
Lecture 38 Creating Conditions
Lecture 39 Creating Exceptions
Lecture 40 Report to Report Interfaces (RRI)
Section 9: SAP BW BEx Analysis Applications
Lecture 41 BEx Analysis Applications Introduction
Lecture 42 Design Mode and the Analysis Grid
Lecture 43 Navigation Pane
Lecture 44 List of Filters
Lecture 45 Add interactive Buttons
Lecture 46 Drop-Down Boxes
Lecture 47 Check-Box Groups
Lecture 48 Radio Button Groups
Lecture 49 Adding Conditions
Lecture 50 Add Exceptions
Lecture 51 Text Elements
Lecture 52 BEx Messages
Lecture 53 Workbook Settings
Section 10: Final Project – Build a BEx Analysis Application
Lecture 54 Part 1 – Introduction and Manager Report Setup
Lecture 55 Part 2 – Employee Report Setup
Lecture 56 Part 3 – Multi Report Filtering with DropDown Boxes
Lecture 57 Part 4 – Add a Button, Refine and Position Elements of our BEx Reports
Lecture 58 Part 5 – Adding Dynamic Charts
Section 11: Course Wrap-Up
Lecture 59 Course Complete

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