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Section 1: Basics of SAP
Lecture 1 What is ERP ?
Lecture 2 What is SAP ?
Lecture 3 SAP Products Overview
Section 2: Introduction to SAP Basis
Lecture 4 SAP BASIS Introduction
Lecture 5 SAP Service Market place
Lecture 6 SAP Help Portal
Lecture 7 Client Concept in SAP
Section 3: SAP System Architecture
Lecture 8 SAP Technical Architecture
Lecture 9 SAP System Landscape
Lecture 10 SAP ICM Intenet Communication Manager
Lecture 11 Web Dispatcher in SAP
Lecture 12 Load Balancing using SAP Web Dispatcher
Section 4: Critical Maintenance Activities
Lecture 13 Starting and Stopping SAP
Lecture 14 Dailog Work Process in SAP
Lecture 15 SAP Logon Groups
Lecture 16 Profiles in SAP
Lecture 17 Operation Modes in SAP
Lecture 18 License Management in SAP ABAP
Lecture 19 License Management in Java based SAP Systems
Section 5: SAP Security
Lecture 20 User Administration and Authorization concept in SAP AS ABAP
Lecture 21 User Administration and Authorization concept in SAP AS Java
Lecture 22 SAP Background Jobs
Section 6: SAP Data Archiving
Lecture 23 Data Archiving in SAP
Section 7: SAP Solution Manager
Lecture 24 SAP Solution Manager
Section 8: Setting Up Printers
Lecture 25 Printing and Spooling in SAP
Lecture 26 SAP Software Logistics Overview
Lecture 27 SAP Transport Management System
Lecture 28 Transport Import in SAP systems
Lecture 29 Client Tools Administration in SAP
Lecture 30 SAP Customizing
Lecture 31 Change and Transport Management System in SAP
Lecture 32 Workload Analysis Monitors in SAP
Lecture 33 SAP Memory Management
Lecture 34 CBO SQL Cache Analysis
Lecture 35 SAP Table Buffering
Lecture 37 Database Backup for a SAP System
Lecture 38 Scheduling Performing and Monitoring Backups in SAP
Section 13: SAP Monitoring
Lecture 39 SAP AS ABAP -System monitoring
Lecture 40 SAP AS JAVA System monitoring
Lecture 41 SAP CCMS Alert Monitor
Section 14: Splitting of SAP Dual Stack System
Lecture 42 Steps to split a SAP Dual Stack System
Section 15: SAP System Installations
Lecture 43 Installation and Configuration of SAP Gui
Section 16: SAP System Maintenance
Lecture 44 How to perform SAP Kernal Upgrade
Lecture 45 How to setup Remote Connection to SAP
Lecture 46 How to Generate a SAP Solution Manager KEY for a new System Install ?
Lecture 47 How to generate a Key for the SAP OS/DB Migration
Section 17: SAP Troubleshooting
Lecture 48 Locks in SAP
Lecture 49 SAP Netweaver Administration Administration NWA
Lecture 50 Visual Administration in SAP JAVA
Lecture 51 BR Tools in SAP
Lecture 52 Configuration Tool in SAP AS JAVA
Lecture 53 SAP MMC
Lecture 54 SAP STAR JAVA Emergency Super User
Section 18: SAP Basis Conclusion
Lecture 55 SAP BASIS Conclusion
Section 19: Appendix
Lecture 56 Oracle Internals
Lecture 57 SAP Basis Interview Questions
Lecture 58 SAP Basis Certification Questionnaire – Sample

Excellent SAP Basis Netweaver Complete Training

Section 1: Introduction to SAP
Lecture 1 What is SAP
Lecture 2 ERP and its Benefits
Section 2: SAP Architecture
Lecture 3 SAP Architecture and Layers
Lecture 4 SAP Products R/2 and R/3
Section 3: SAP System Landscape
Lecture 5 One Two and Three System Landscape
Section 4: Full Life Cycle Implementation (Kick off to Go Live)
Lecture 6 Project Preparation
Lecture 7 Business Blueprint
Lecture 8 Realization
Lecture 9 Final Preparation
Lecture 10 Go Live
Section 5: SAP Navigation
Lecture 11 How to Configure SAP Logon Pad
Section 6: Pre Requisite before Installing SAP Netweaver
Lecture 12 How to Download SAP Software
Lecture 13 How to Configure Virtual Memory and Network Adapter before Installing SAP
Lecture 14 Java Installation and MaxDB Database Installation
Section 7: SAP Netweaver Version 7. 03 Live Installation
Lecture 15 SAP Installation using tool SAPinst
Section 8: Post Installation Activities
Lecture 16 SAP GUI Installation
Lecture 17 Post Installation Activities
Section 9: Starting and Stopping SAP System
Lecture 18 How to Start and Stop the SAP system
Section 10: Instance
Lecture 19 What is Instance in SAP
Section 11: Work Processes
Lecture 20 Overview of ABAP Work Process
Lecture 21 Processing a User Request
Lecture 22 Enqueue Work Process
Lecture 23 Background Work Process
Lecture 24 Spool Work Process
Lecture 25 ICM ( Internet Communication Manager)
Section 12: Operation Modes
Lecture 26 Scheduling and Maintaining Operation Modes
Section 13: Profile Maintainance
Lecture 27 Types of Profiles and Parameter settings in Instance Profile
Section 14: User Administration
Lecture 28 User Overview
Lecture 29 User Types
Lecture 30 How to Create, Copy, Delete, Locking and Unlocking Users
Section 15: Security
Lecture 31 Creating Roles and Assigning Roles to Users
Section 16: Logical System
Lecture 32 How to Create Logical Systems
Section 17: RFC (Remote Function Call )
Lecture 33 Types of RFC and how to create RFC destinations for SAP systems
Section 18: Client Administration
Lecture 34 Concept and Overview of Client in SAP
Lecture 35 Client Creation
Lecture 36 Local Client Copy
Lecture 37 Remote Client Copy
Section 19: Background Jobs
Lecture 38 Overview of Background Jobs
Lecture 39 Scheduling Background Jobs using SM36
Lecture 40 Monitoring Background Jobs using SM37
Section 20: Transport Management System
Lecture 41 Concept and Terminology of TMS
Lecture 42 Importing Transport Request to Quality System
Section 21: Support Packages
Lecture 43 Concept and Overview of Support Packages
Lecture 44 SPAM/SAINT Updates – Add Ons
Lecture 45 Importing Support Patches using SPAM
Section 22: Spool Administration
Lecture 46 Spool Overview
Lecture 47 Creating Output Devices using SPAD
Lecture 48 Spool Monitoring
Section 23: System Monitoring and Production Support Activities
Lecture 49 System Logs
Lecture 50 ABAP Dumps
Lecture 51 System Messages
Lecture 52 Locking and Unlocking Transaction Codes for Users
Lecture 53 Users List
Lecture 54 List of All Users logged on to SAP
Lecture 55 Lock Entries
Lecture 56 Failed Updates
Lecture 57 Work Processes
Lecture 58 Monitoring all SAP Servers
Lecture 59 Job Monitoring
Lecture 60 System Trace
Lecture 61 Buffer Summary
Lecture 62 Deleting a Client
Lecture 63 Work Load Analysis

Hands-On BASIS Training – ECC IDES, Fiori, Personas, NWBC

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 What’s the point of this course?
Lecture 2 Course Snapshot – What you expect to LEARN – ADVANCED BASIS
Section 2: VMWare, Cloud, Hosted Solutions
Lecture 3 Why VMWare?
Lecture 4 Hardware, SSD, RAM, SSD RAM
Lecture 5 Creating a VM OS Shell
Lecture 6 Install OS
Lecture 7 Expert Configuring OS for Image Deployment
Section 3: Preping for SAP Installation
Lecture 8 Install SAP GUI and NWBC 5.0
Lecture 9 Prep SAP Kernels – PRE-INSTALLATION
Lecture 10 Take Snap-Shot / backup
Section 4: Installation of IDES ECC
Lecture 11 Install DB
Lecture 12 SWPM Installation of SAP IDES ECC
Section 5: Postinstall Activities
Lecture 13 Create User + Install license
Lecture 14 Maintain Profiles – Default + System
Lecture 15 TMS Setup – Detailed
Lecture 16 Kernel Upgrade – The normal way
Lecture 17 ICM and Developer Keys installation
Lecture 18 SGEN – Prep and Run
Section 6: Advanced Basis Tasks
Lecture 19 Update of SPAM + SAPCAR Prep
Lecture 20 Configure NWBC 5.0
Lecture 21 Install SAP Personas
Lecture 22 Configure SAP Personas – User Guide
Lecture 23 Configure Personas – Profiles & Services
Lecture 24 Configure Personas – Users & Systems
Lecture 25 Install SAP Fiori Addons + Attributes + Patches
Lecture 26 Fiori Configuration – Introduction + User Guide
Lecture 27 Fiori Configuration – Gateway and IU Configuration
Lecture 28 Fiori Configuration – Maintain Fiori Services
Lecture 29 Fiori Configuration – App Specific Configuration
Lecture 30 Re-Run SGEN
Lecture 31 Performance Analysis – Log File Shrink
Lecture 32 System Copy – Source System Copy
Lecture 33 System Copy – Prep
Lecture 34 Cleanup and Shrink Disk
Section 7: VMWare Hosting and Deployment
Lecture 35 Deployment Options – Hosting on VM Workstation 11
Lecture 36 Install and Configure ESXi 5.5 & vSphere 5.5
Lecture 37 Import VM Images into ESXi Server for Hosting / Deployment
Lecture 38 Demonstration – Running 4 SAP Servers and remotely connecting by Teamviewer
Lecture 39 Install XEN Serve 6.5 + XenCenter Console
Section 8: Conclusion
Lecture 40 What did you Learn and Accomplish?
Lecture 41 Moving Forward into Future SAP Projects.

SAP – SAP Basis and SAP Netweaver complete Training

Section 1: Introduction to SAP ERP.
Lecture 1 what is SAP ?
Lecture 2 SAP basic walkthrough
Lecture 3 SAP Landsacpe and client concept
Section 2: Introduction to SAP basis
Lecture 4 Server sizing
Section 3: Client administration
Lecture 5 Client – A legally organizationally independent database entity
Lecture 6 Client management
Lecture 7 Client – how to open close activity
Lecture 8 Client copy
Lecture 9 Introduction to SAP Basis
Lecture 10 All client transactions
Section 4: General system administration activities
Lecture 11 Everything you wanted to know about SAP Snote – note application
Lecture 12 Operation modes
Lecture 13 SAP number range management
Lecture 14 Types of RFC
Lecture 15 SAP RFC connection – How to create, test and delete
Lecture 16 How to activate / inactivate update processes
Lecture 17 All about Abap dumps
Lecture 18 SM21 system log analysis
Lecture 19 Work process management
Lecture 20 Archiving concept
Section 5: Security
Lecture 21 SAP security : A primer on SUIM
Lecture 22 Recover SAP* account admin password

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Lecture 23 User management – sessions
Lecture 24 What is the function of SAP web dispatcher
Section 6: Transports management
Lecture 25 STMS transport path details
Lecture 26 Transport management – Importing
Lecture 27 Monitoring transports
Lecture 28 Transport management – manual method
Lecture 29 Transport management – Import history
Section 7: Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Lecture 30 SAP Basis standard jobs setup
Lecture 31 Monitoring work processes
Lecture 32 System message creation
Section 8: Profile management
Lecture 33 Server profile changes
Section 9: SAP Jobs Management
Lecture 34 SAP jobs monitoring and management – How to cancel long running jobs
Lecture 35 Troubleshooting issues with jobs
Section 10: Database management
Lecture 36 Database activities DB12 / 13 / 14
Lecture 37 Database table lock overview
Lecture 38 BR tools. How to add tablespace
Lecture 39 Table lock entries
Section 11: Print management
Lecture 40 Initial setup of printer and end user printing
Lecture 41 Print management and spooling
Lecture 42 Best practices of Spool management
Section 12: Service and Support packs
Lecture 43 SAP support packs
Section 13: Batch input overview
Lecture 44 Batch input overview
Lecture 45 Batch cleanup
Section 14: Conclusion and next steps
Lecture 46 what is SAP ? A brief supporting document
Lecture 47 Conclusion and next steps

SAP Basis Complete Installation

Section 1: Introduction to SAP
Lecture 1 Brief description about what is SAP
Lecture 2 Concept and terminology of ERP
Lecture 3 SAP Products
Section 2: Architecture in SAP
Lecture 4 What are SAP Layers
Lecture 5 System Landscape
Section 3: SAP Navigation
Lecture 6 SAP Navigation Topic
Section 4: Pre Requisite Before Installing SAP Netweaver Installation
Lecture 7 Free SAP software Download
Lecture 8 How to configure Virtual Memory and Network Adapter before Installing SAP
Lecture 9 Java Installation and MaxDB Installation
Section 5: SAP Live Installation step by step
Lecture 10 SAP Installation using sapinst tool
Section 6: Post Installation Activities
Lecture 11 GUI Installation step by step
Lecture 12 Post Installation Activities
Section 7: Starting and Stopping SAP System
Lecture 13 Steps to Start and Stop SAP Systems

SAP Basis End User Training

Section 1: Introduction to SAP
Lecture 1 What is SAP and SAP Basis
Lecture 2 Definition of ERP and Benefits of ERP in an Organization
Lecture 3 SAP R/3 Products
Section 2: SAP Architecture
Lecture 4 Concept of SAP Architecture and SAP Layers
Lecture 5 System Landscapes
Section 3: Production Support Day to Day Activities
Lecture 6 Sending System Message for system maintenance activity
Lecture 7 User List Monitoring
Lecture 8 Resetting Password for the User
Lecture 9 Failed Updates
Lecture 10 System Logs
Lecture 11 Work Process Overview
Lecture 12 Lock Entries
Lecture 13 System Checks after SAP Installation
Lecture 14 Short Dumps
Lecture 15 AL08
Lecture 16 Locking and Unlocking Transaction Codes
Lecture 17 User Account Locked due to incorrect logon attempts
Section 4: Performance Monitoring and Tuning
Lecture 18 System Trace
Lecture 19 Buffer Summary
Lecture 20 Background Jobs Monitoring
Lecture 21 Monitoring All SAP Servers
Lecture 22 Workload Monitor

SAP Basis Essentials – Become a Great SAP Basis Consultant

Section 1: Introduction and Course Outline
Lecture 1 Welcome to SAP Basis Essentials! What You Will Be Learning?
Lecture 2 Further Reading
Section 2: Getting Started with SAP Basis
Lecture 3 What’s SAP Basis?
Lecture 4 Bonus Doc
Lecture 5 Further Reading
Section 3: Starting and Stoping SAP
Lecture 6 Starting SAP system
Lecture 7 How to Start SAP ERP?
Lecture 8 Checking Start Logs
Lecture 9 Cracking System Shutdown Preparation
Lecture 10 How to Stop SAP?
Lecture 11 Further Reading
Section 4: Mastering System Configuration
Lecture 12 Exploring Work Process
Lecture 13 Creating Instance
Lecture 14 Creating Operation Mode
Lecture 15 Defining Work Process Distribution
Lecture 16 How to maintain profile parameters?
Lecture 17 What’s Included in Profile Parameter?
Lecture 18 Working with Profile Parameters
Lecture 19 Further Reading
Section 5: Begin to Know System Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Lecture 20 Understanding CCMS Alert Monitor
Lecture 21 Monitoring System with Standard CCMS Alert Monitor
Lecture 22 Checking Open Alerts
Lecture 23 Creating a New Monitor Set
Lecture 24 Adding a Monitor to a Monitor Set
Lecture 25 Deleting a Monitor from a Monitor Set
Lecture 26 Changing Alert Threshold Values
Lecture 27 Researching Different Kinds of Traces
Lecture 28 Checking System Log
Lecture 29 Understanding Dump Analysis
Lecture 30 How to Analyze ABAP Dumps?
Lecture 31 What’s System Trace?
Lecture 32 How to Turn on System Trace?
Lecture 33 How to Execute Performance Trace?
Lecture 34 How Performance Trace Works?
Lecture 35 Getting Started with Developer Trace
Lecture 36 Activating Developer Trace
Lecture 37 Checking Application Server
Lecture 38 How to Check Application Servers and Work Processes?
Lecture 39 Overview of Lock Concept
Lecture 40 How to Lock Entries?
Lecture 41 Understanding Canceled Update Requests
Lecture 42 How to Cancel Update Requests?
Lecture 43 Bonus Doc
Lecture 44 Further Reading
Section 6: Overview of Database
Lecture 45 Getting to Know Database System Architecture
Lecture 46 Cracking Backup Concept
Lecture 47 Understanding DBA Cockpit
Lecture 48 Planning Database Administration Tasks
Lecture 49 Checking DBA Planning Calendar
Lecture 50 Checking Backup Logs
Lecture 51 Performing Database Analysis
Lecture 52 Monitoring Database Performance
Lecture 53 Further Reading
Section 7: An Introduction to User Administration
Lecture 54 What Are Users in SAP Environment?
Lecture 55 Setting Up New Users
Lecture 56 Researching User Group
Lecture 57 Creating a User Group
Lecture 58 Getting Started with Mass Changes
Lecture 59 Understanding Authorization Management
Lecture 60 What’s Included in Authorization Check?
Lecture 61 Begin to Know Authorization Objects
Lecture 62 Cracking Authorization Roles
Lecture 63 Creating Single Roles
Lecture 64 What are Authorization Profiles?
Lecture 65 Displaying Authorization Profiles
Lecture 66 Researching Central User Administration
Lecture 67 Further Reading
Section 8: Background Job Fundamentals
Lecture 68 What’s Background Processing?
Lecture 69 Cracking Job Step
Lecture 70 How to Define Start Criteria for a Job?
Lecture 71 Scheduling a Job
Lecture 72 Monitoring Background jobs
Lecture 73 Further Reading
Section 9: What’s Output Management?
Lecture 74 Printing Steps in SAP
Lecture 75 What’s Local Printing?
Lecture 76 Understanding Remote Printing
Lecture 77 Cracking Front-end Printing
Lecture 78 Setting up Front-end Printers
Lecture 79 Getting to know Remote Printers
Lecture 80 Getting Started with Logical Spool Server
Lecture 81 Configuring Spool Server
Lecture 82 What’s Transport Print Landscape?
Lecture 83 Transporting Print Landscape
Lecture 84 Understanding Output Data
Lecture 85 Managing Spool and Output Requests
Lecture 86 How to Maintain Spool Database?
Lecture 87 Deleting Spool Request
Lecture 88 Further Reading
Section 10: Researching System Maintenance
Lecture 89 System Maintenance Fundamentals
Lecture 90 Downloading Support Packages
Lecture 91 How to Determine Current Support Package Level?
Lecture 92 Searching for Support Packages
Lecture 93 Downloading Support Packages
Lecture 94 Cracking Kernel Update
Lecture 95 What’re SPAM/SAINT Updates?
Lecture 96 Applying SPAM/SAINT updates
Lecture 97 Importing ABAP Support Packages
Lecture 98 Bonus Doc
Lecture 99 Further Reading
Section 11: Cracking Remote Function Call
Lecture 100 What is Remote Function Call

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