SAP Floor Plan Manager (FPM)


SAP Floor Plan Manager (FPM)



Introduction to FPM

  • What is Floor Plan Manager?
  • Benefits of Floor Plan Manager

Floor plans and its types

  • Object Instance Floorplan (OIF)
  • Quick Activity Floorplan (QAF)
  • Overview Floorplan (OVP)
  • Guided Activity Floorplan (GAF)
  • Architecture of FPM based Web Dynpro Applications
  • Overview of Component Interface IF_FPM_UI_BUILDING_BLOCK

How to create a FPM application

  • Understanding common steps in configuring FPM application
  • …. Creating Application configuration
  • …. Creating Component configuration
  • …. Configuration of UIBBs
  • Developing an OIF application
  • Developing a GAF application
  • Developing a OVP application
  • Configuring Identification Region (IDR) component
  • Creating and Configuring an FPM Dialog box

FPM Configuration Editor

  • Exploring Configuration editor

– Launching Configuration editor

  • Configuration editor for OIF
  • Configuration editor for OIF
  • Configuration editor for OVP
  • Overview of Initial Screen and Confirmation Screen
  • Configuring Initial Screen
  • Configuring Confirmation Screen

-FPM Toolbar

  • Toolbar for Initial Screen
  • Toolbar for OIF
  • Toolbar for GAF

Dynamic Adjustments

-Application specific Configuration Controller

  • Declaring the AppCC in FPM Configuration Editor
  • AppCC Functions – OIF Application
  • AppCC Functions – GAF Application
  • AppCC Functions – OVP Application
  • Switching variants
  • Invoking Sub-roadmaps
  • Accessing application parameters

-Creating Quick Help

  • Creating Quick Help – Direct method
  • Creating Quick Help – Via documentation object

-Working with Toolbar

  • Working with Toolbar, Creating a button (OIF)
  • Methods in Interface IF_FPM_CNR_OIF
  • Methods in Interface IF_FPM_CNR_GAF

-Identification Region (IDR)

  • Adjusting the Identification Region (IDR)
  • Adjusting the Identification Region (Header Area )
  • Adjusting the Identification Region ( Ticket Area )
  • Adjusting the Identification Region (Item Area )

-FPM Error Page

  • Calling an FPM Error Page

Shared Data Component

  • What is Shared Data Component?
  • Implementation

GUIBB – Generic User Interface Building Block

  • What is GUIBB?
  • Feeder Class
  • Types of GUIBBs

-Interface Methods

  •  …. IF_FPM_GUIBB_*
  • Form GUIBB
  • List GUIBB
  • Tabbed GUIBB
  • Search GUIBB

-Navigation in FPM Applications

  • Using Launchpad
  • FPM Navigation APIs

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