Topic 01: Introduction to SAP APO SNP

1 SAP APO SNP Introduction & Overview

2 Supply Chain Modeling

3 Supply Chain Planning

Topic 02: Master Data and Transaction Data in SNP

1 Working with Master Data

2 SCM Product Master

3 SCM Resource Master

4 The Production Data Structure

5 Scheduling in Supply Network Planning

6 Quota Arrangements and Source Determination in SNP

7 Transaction Data in Supply Network Planning

Topic 03: SNP Configuration

1 Planning Areas

2 Planning Books

3 Macros and Alerts

4 Navigation in the Planning Table

5 Releasing Supply Plans to DP, PPDS, ECC

6 Master Data, Integration to R/3

7 Planning in ECC – APO with Integration Model Generation

8 Initial & Change Transfers, Background Jobs

9 Monitoring & Handling CIF Errors

10 Comparison & Reconciliation

Topic 04: Planning and Optimization Tools

1 Heuristic

2 Capable to Match (CTM)

3 Deployment

4 Constraint and cost based Optimization

5 Transport Load Building

6 Vendor Managed Inventory

Topic 05: The Supply Network Planning Heuristic

1 SNP Heuristic Run

2 Capacity Check and Leveling

3 Planning Supplier Constraints using the SNP Heuristic

4 SNP Heuristic Scheduling

5 Aggregated Planning

Topic 06: SNP Run Using Capable to Match

1 Capable-to-Match Process

2 Descriptive Characteristics in CTM

3 Alternative Resources in CTM

4 Finite Supplier Planning in CTM

Topic 07: Deployment and the Transport Load Builder

1 Basics of Deployment

2 Deployment Run

3 Transport Load Builder

Topic 08: Optimization in Supply Network Planning

1 Supply Network Planning with the Optimizer

2 Optimizer Costs

3 Profiles Used by the Optimizer

4 Parameters of the Optimization Run

5 Comparing SNP Planning Methods

Topic 09: Safety Stock Planning

1 Safety Stock Planning in SNP

Topic 10: Interactive Planning

1 Adjustment & Reconciliation of supply plan

2 What-if? scenarios

3 Alerts

4 Exception Based Management

5 Alert Monitor

6 Classical SNP- Functionalities

7 Considering Limited Capacities

8 Identifying the Source of Supply

9 Consider Bill of Materials

Topic 11: Integration

1 Feed of information from SAP R/3

2 Feed of data from Legacy systems

3 Transfer of Plans to R/3

4 Procurement, Production, Distribution and Transport

Topic 12: Reporting

1 Availability of data for data warehouse solution

2 Download planning results to .xls


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