Q1) How long will the license to the videos be valid? Is there any expiry date?

No, there isn’t any expiry date set on the user license to the videos. It is valid forever and you can take your own time to watch the videos.

Q2)  I live in country XYZ and am trying to buy using my credit card, but the transaction is not going through?

Our payment processors Paypal use very stringent security checks in order to
completely safeguard your credit card details. Due to this, occasionally, perfectly valid cards may not be accepted.
In this case, the alternative is either to try a different card, or get in touch with us directly.

Q3) If i do not have Paypal account, how else can i pay you?

We accept only Paypal payments for now. Please take note that you can even pay using your credit card without signing up for Paypal account. Paypal has introduced this option recently whereby you can just pay using the credit card without having to sign up for Paypal.

Q4) What can i do if the SAP module that i am looking for is not listed yet in your website?

You can wait till we release the module. We are constantly working to release new videos in the future, therefore wait till the announcement is made about the new video release.

Q5) Will you send DVDs of the videos?

Nope, you will NOT get the DVDs of the videos. Within 24  hours of your purchase, you will receive a download link. You can download the training files on your system.