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SAP MM Introduction Overview
Organisational Structure
Master Data in MM
Classifying Materials in MM
Implementing Material Requirement Planning
Implementing Inventory management
Exploring Procurement Process
Exploring Invoice Verification Process
SAP MM Transaction codes
Materials Management (MM)

Create Purchasing Info Record
Change Purchasing Info Record
Changes to Purchasing Info Record
Vendor Master Creation
Vendor Master Change
Vendor Account Changes (Centrally)
Create Material Master
Change Material Master

Create Purchase Requisition
Change Purchase Requisition
Purchase Requisitions: List Display
Assign and Process Requisitions
Individual Release
Collective Release
Create Purchase Order
Change Purchase Order
Print Fax or e-mail Purchase Order
Create Contract/Agreement
Change Contract/Agreement
Create RFQ – Request for Quotation
Change RFQ
Maintain Quotation

Post Goods Receipt for PO
Other Goods Receipts
Returns to Vendor (via GR for PO)
Post Goods Receipt for PO Vendor Unknown
Stock Overviews
Display Warehouse Stock
Material Documents List: Material Movements
Transfer Posting
Goods Issue
Goods Withdrawal
Create Physical Inventory Document
Change Physical Inventory Document
Enter Inventory Count
Change Inventory Count
Enter Count without Reference
Post Inventory Difference

MRP Run Single Item-Single Level
Enter/Change Invoice
Release Blocked Invoice
Maintain Clearing Account
Purchase Orders by Material Group
Analysis of Order Values
Maintain Material Source List
Change Material Document
Output Processing for Material Document
Difference List
Vendor Evaluation Analysis
Sales and Distribution (SD)

Create Customer Master Centrally
Change Customer Master Centrally
Display Changes to the Customer Master Centrally
Block or Unblock a Customer
Display of Changes for Customer
Create One-Time Customer (Sales)
Create Payer (Centrally)
Create Ordering Party (Centrally)
Create Item Proposal
Change Item Proposal
Create Condition
Change Condition
Create Condition with Reference

Create Inquiry
Change Inquiry
List of Inquiries
Create Scheduling Agreement
Change Scheduling Agreement
List of Scheduling Agreements
Display Incomplete Scheduling Agreements
Create Quotation
Change Quotation
List of Quotations
Expiring Quotations
Expired Quotation
Completed Quotations
Display Incomplete Quotations
Create a Contract
Change a Contract
List of Contracts
Display Incomplete Contracts
Display Expiring Contracts
Display Expired Contracts
Display Completed Contracts
Create a Sales Order
Change a Sales Order
List of Sales Orders
Display Incomplete Sales Orders (Sales Order Error Log)
Display Blocked Orders
Display a List of Orders Within Time Period
Create a Debit Memo Request
Change a Debit Memo Request
List of Debit Memo Requests
Display Blocked Debit Memo Requests
Display a List of Orders Within Time Period
Create a Credit Memo Request
Change a Credit Memo Request
List of Credit Memo Requests
Display Blocked Credit Memo Requests
Display a List of Orders Within Time Period
Returns Order
Returns Delivery
Credit for Returns

Create Delivery
Change Outbound Delivery
Display Delivery Change Documents
Output from Deliveries
Process Delivery Due List
Sel. Outbound Deliveries for Picking
Deliveries for Goods Issue
Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Note
VL23 Goods Issue (Background)

Create Billing Document
Change Billing Document
Process Billing Due List
List Billing Documents
Release Billing Documents
Output from Billing
Cancel Billing Document
Blocked SD Documents
Released SD Documents


Customer Analysis – Selection
Material Analysis – Selection
Sales Org. Analysis – Selection
Execute Pricing ReportCourse Introduction
Introduction to this Course

SECTION 2 Material Master Data
Create Material Master Record
Change Material Master Record
Create a Raw Material Master Record
Extending the Material Master Record Views
Display a Material List
Create Vendor Master Record
Change Vendor Master Record
Display The Vendors List
Deactivate a Vendor
Maintain Source List
Generate a Source List

SECTION 3 Purchasing Information Data
Create Information Record
Change and Display an Info Record by Vendor
Change and Display an Info Record by Material

SECTION 4 Purchase Requisition
Create a Purchase Requisition (PR)
Display a Purchase Requisition List
Assign a Source of Supply for a PR

SECTION 5 Request for Quotation (RFQ)
Create a Request for Quotation
Change a Request for Quotation
Release a Request for Quotation
Issue a Request for Quotation to a Vendor

SECTION 6 Quotations
Create a Quotation
Comparing Quotations
Rejecting and Printing Quotations

SECTION 7 Purchase Order
Create a PO with Known Vendor
Create a PO with Unknown Vendor
Create a Subcontract Purchase Order
Create a Purchase Order Report Analysis

SECTION 8 Goods Receipt
Goods Receipt
Goods Receipt for a Production Order
Goods Receipt with Wrong Supply
Reverse Goods Receipt

SECTION 9 Invoice Verification
Enter Incoming Invoice
Parking an Invoice
Releasing a Blocked Invoice

SECTION 10 Course Conclusion
Conclusion to this Course

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