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Section 1: Overview of SAP OS/DB Migration
Lecture 1 SAP Introductions
Lecture 2 Terminology Used in SAP Migration
Lecture 3 Homogenous System Copy
Lecture 4 Heterogenous System Copy

Section 2: SAP OS/DB Migration Project
Lecture 5 SAP Migration Overview Project
Lecture 6 Workflow for Export and Import – SAP ABAP System
Lecture 7 Workflow for Export and Import – Java System

Section 3: Tools for Performing Migrations
Lecture 8 SAP ABAP Migration Tools
Lecture 9 Java Migration Tools

Section 4: Performing Actual SAP ABAP System Migration
Lecture 10 Export Directory Structure for SAP ABAP

Section 5: Export Preparation in SAP ABAP System
Lecture 11 Export Preparation for an SAP ABAP System

Section 6: Migration Monitor
Lecture 12 Migration Monitor

Section 7: OS/DB Migration of an SAP ABAP based system
Lecture 13 Phase 1 – Preparation for Export in Source System
Lecture 14 SAP Solution Manager Key Generation
Lecture 15 Exception Table – DBDIFF
Lecture 16 Phase 2 – Performing an Export in SAP ABAP System
Lecture 17 File Transfer to Target System

Section 8: Actual Import
Lecture 18 Generate OS/DB Migration Key
Lecture 19 Phase 3 – Preparing the Target System for Import
Lecture 20 SAP Kernal Upgrade
Lecture 21 Phase 4 – Import for ABAP + JAVA
Lecture 22 Phase 5 – Performing Post Migration Activities
Lecture 23 Consistency Checks during SAP Migration

Section 9: OS/DB Migration of a JAVA Based SAP System
Lecture 24 JAVA – Directory Structure for Export

Section 10: Performing Actual Java based system Migration
Lecture 25 SAP Export Preparation for an JAVA System

Section 11: Tuning SAP Migrations
Lecture 26 SAP Optimization of Migration
Lecture 27 SAP Package Splitter
Lecture 28 SAP Table Splitter

Section 12: Considerations During the SAP Migration
Lecture 29 Consideration during the SAP Migrations

Section 13: SAP Migration Conclusion
Lecture 30 SAP Conclusion
Lecture 31 Solution Manager Migration Steps


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