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SAP Integrated Business Planning
Outlining the SAP Integrated Business Planning Solution Strategy
Positioning SAP Integrated Business Planning Among Other Supply Chain Areas
Describing the Architecture of SAP Integrated Business Planning Powered by HANA
Explaining SAP Integrated Business Planning Powered by HANA Out- of-the-Box Content

User Interface
Navigating in the SAP Integrated Business Planning Web UI
Creating an SAP Fiori Persona
Navigating in the SAP Integrated Business Planning Microsoft Excel UI
Modeling a Business Process Using SAP Integrated Business Planning

Using Configuration to Model a Business
Creating an Attribute
Creating a Simple Master Data Type
Compounding a Master Data Type
Creating a Time Profile
Creating a Planning Area
Creating a Planning Level
Creating a Key Figure
Writing a Key Figure Calculation
Creating a Version

Model Activation
Activating a Planning Area
Creating a Reason Code

Cloud Security
Outlining Cloud Security

Data Integration
Identifying Data Import Options
Importing Data Using the SAP Integrated Business Planning Web UI

User Administration
Creating User Access in the SAP Integrated Business Planning Application
Creating a Visibility Filter
Creating Use Preferences

Microsoft Excel Planning And Reporting
Creating a Microsoft Excel Template and Favorite
Performing a Simulation
Formatting a Planning View

Analytics And Reporting
Creating a Dashboard Chart
Creating a Drill Down

Incorporating Disaggregation Methods in SAP Integrated Business Planning

Active Object Deletion
Deleting an Active Object

Supply Review
Adding Supply Configuration to an Active Planning Area
Setting up an alert in a favorite
Copying Data Between Versions

Helper Key Figure
Creating a Helper Key Figure

Statistical Forecasting
Managing a Forecast Model
Identifying Global Configuration Options
SAP2 Master Data Objects
Analyzing the SAP2 Model
Key Figures with Other Periodicities
Creating a Key Figure Using Other Periodicities
Naming Conventions
Using SAP Preferred Naming Conventions
Change History
Configuring and Using Change History
Creating a Jam Group
Creating a Task


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