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Section 1: Introduction to SAP and HCM
Lecture 1 Introduction to SAP
Lecture 2 System Landscape and Navigation Steps
Lecture 3 SAP HCM Introduction

Section 2: Structures in HCM
Lecture 4 Configuration of Enterprise Structure
Lecture 5 Configuration of Personnel Structure
Lecture 6 Overview of Organizational Structure

Section 3: Personnel Administration (PA)
Lecture 7 Transaction Codes and Infotype Maintenance
Lecture 8 Configuration of Features – Default Values
Lecture 9 Configuration of Personnel Number Range and Feature NUMKR
Lecture 10 Configuration of Master Data Infotypes
Lecture 11 Configuration of Evaluation Basis
Lecture 12 Configuration of Infogroups and Actions
Lecture 13 Configuration of Dynamic Action
Lecture 14 Configuration of Screen Modification

Section 4: Organizational Managment (OM)
Lecture 15 OM Concept, OM Objects and Relationships
Lecture 16 OM Infotypes ,Transaction Codes and Plan Version
Lecture 17 Config of OM Interfaces (Simple Maintenance,Expert Mode & Organization&Staffing)
Lecture 18 Configuration of Evaluation Path
Lecture 19 Integration Between OM and PA
Lecture 20 Configuration of Number Ranges and Creation Of Custom Objects

Section 5: Time Management (TM)
Lecture 21 Configuration of Public Holiday Class and Holiday Calendar
Lecture 22 Configuration of Personnel Subarea Grouping for Work Schedule
Lecture 23 Configuration of Daily Work Schedule and Period Work Schedule
Lecture 24 Day Types
Lecture 25 Configuration of Work Schedule Rules and Work Schedule
Lecture 26 Infotpye 0007 and Feature SCHKZ
Lecture 27 Configuration of Time Data Recording and Administration (Absences – IT2001)
Lecture 28 Configuring Time Data Recording and Administration ( Absence Quotas – IT2006)

Section 6: Payroll (PY)
Lecture 29 Configuration of Payroll Area and Feature ABKRS
Lecture 30 Payroll Control Record and Payroll Process
Lecture 31 Payroll Period and Period Parameter
Lecture 32 Configuration of Pay Scale Structure and Feature TARIF
Lecture 33 Configuration of Custom Wagetypes and its Tables
Lecture 34 Payroll Run and Remuneration Statement
Lecture 35 Display Payroll Result
Section 7: Reporting
Lecture 36 Reports and Variants

Section 8: Additional Topics
Lecture 37 Relationship between IT0007 and IT0008
Lecture 38 Tables in SAP HCM
Lecture 39 Time Constraints in SAP HCM
Section 9: Conclusion and Quiz ( Lectures 1-39)
Lecture 40 Conclusion and Quiz


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