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1.SAP HANA SPS 6 – What’s New
01.Installation and Administration
02.Data Modeling

2.Real-Time Data Platform
01.Replication to SAP HANA

3.Working with Data using SAP HANA Studio
01.Importing & Exporting Data using SAP HANA Studio
02.Data Utilities in SAP HANA Studio
03.Scripts & Stored Procedures with HANA Studio

4.Designing with the SAP HANA Studio
01.Creating Data Models
02.Using the SQL Script Editor

5.SAP HANA and Crystal Reports
01. Downloading SAP HANA Studio from Developer Center
02. Downloading SAP HANA Client_ 32 Bit Version
03. Installing the 32bit HANA Client
04. Finding Top N values
05. Using SQL Expressions
06. Using Crystal Reports with SAP HANA (Pt 1)
07. Using Crystal Reports with SAP HANA (Pt 2)
08. Using Crystal Reports with SAP HANA (Pt 3)

6.SAP HANA and Mobile
01. Creating an Android Mobile app
02.SAP HTML5 Tutorial Introduction
03.SAP HTML5 – Hello World Application
04.SAP HTML5 – Building a New Application With Sencha


Introduction to SAP HANA
SAP In-Memory Strategy
HANA compare to BWA
Look &Feel
In-Memory Computing Studio
Administration view
Navigator View
System Monitor
Information Modeler
Architecture Overview
IMCE and Surroundings
Row Store
Column Store
Loading data into HANA
Data Modeling
Persistent Layer
Backup & Recovery
Data Provisioning
Replication Server
Replication Process
Replication Architecture
Data Services
Basic Data service Connection types
New to Data services 40
Full Extractor though ODP
Configure Import server
Create and execute a Data Service Job to Populate HANA
Purpose of Information Modeler
Levels of Modeling in SAP HANA
Attribute Views
Analytic Views
Calculation Views
Export & Import
HANA, Reporting Layer
Connectivity options
Business Objects BI 40
Business Objects BI 40 Explorer
Business Objects BI 40 Enterprise
Crystal Reports via ODBC/JDBC Connections
Others & MS Excel

SAP-HANA Adminstration

1.Installation and Administration Topics
02.Security and Privileges
03.Performance and Monitoring
2.Working with Data using SAP Data Services
01.Loading Data using Data Services
02.Data Transforms using Data Services
03.Creating a Repository with Data Services
3.SAP HANA Extended Application Services
01. XS Engine_ Creating the Workspace and Project
02. XS Engine_ Setting up Access Control
03. XS Engine_ Using the SAPUI5 Framework
04. XS Engine_ Creating OData Based REST Services
05. XS Engine_ Server-Side Java Script Functions
06. XS Engine_ Creating a PO Worklist Application
4.Working with the Predictive Analytics Library
01. Getting Started with the Predictive Analysis
02. Key Concepts of the Predictive Analysis Library
03. Multi-user Considerations When Using PAL
04. PAL_ Authorizations
05. PAL_ Troubleshooting
06. PAL_ Using the new AFLwrappereraser procedure
07. PAL_ Single Exponential Smoothing of Time Series
08. PAL_ Double Exponential Smoothing of Time Series
09. PAL_ Apriori Association Analysis
09. PAL_ Triple Exponential Smoothing of Time Series
11. PAL_ Apriori Lite Association Analysis
12. PAL_ Clustering Using K-Means
13. PAL_ Clustering Using Validate K-Means
14. PAL_ Clustering Anomaly Detection
15. PAL_ Clustering using Kohonen Self-Organizing
16.HANA Academy_ PAL — Using DBSCAN for Clustering
17. PAL_ Classification Using ABC Segmentation
18. PAL_ Binning
19. PAL_ Sampling
20. PAL_ Scaling
21. PAL_ Outlier Detection Using Variance Test
22. PAL_ Outlier Detection using IQR Test
23. PAL_ Intro to Classification using Regression
24. PAL_ Linear Regression
25. PAL_ Multiple Linear Regression
26. PAL_ Geometric Regression
27. PAL_ Natural Logarithmic Regression
29. PAL_ Exponential Regression
30. PAL_ Multiple Exponential Regression
31. PAL_ Polynomial Regression
32. PAL_ Logistic Regression
33. PAL_ Mulitple Logistic Regression
34. PAL_ K-Nearest Neighbour
35. PAL_ Classification using Decision Trees C4.5.5
36. PAL_ Classification using Decision Trees CHAI
37. PAL_ Weighted Score Table
5.R Integration for SAP HANA
01. R integration for HANA_ Getting Started
02. R Integration for HANA_ Installing R server
03. R Integration for HANA_ Configuring S
04. R Integration with HANA_ Ensuring R i
05. R Integration for HANA_ Key Concepts
06. R Integration for HANA_ Passing Parameters
07. R Integration for HANA_ Authorization
08. R Integration for HANA_ Troubleshooti
6.Application Function Modeler for SAP HANA
01. AFM_ Getting Started with the Application Function modler
02. AFM_ Authorizations
03. AFM — Using the KMeans algorithm
04. AFM – Apriori Lite

SAP-HANA Application Devlopment

01.SAP HANA Recommends Project

01.Setting up the SAP HANA One Landscape
02.Loading and Creating the Data Model
03.Configuring the Predictive Analytic Library functions
04.Establishing Java Server Pages for Data interchange
05.Building an HTML5 application
06.Adding a Loyalty Card Scenario
07.Creating the Apple Passbook Pass
08.Creating a Companion App
09.Analyzing Your Results

02.Native Development Workshop for SAP HANA

  1. Getting Started
  2. Simple _Hellow World Application
  3. Create a Schema
  4. Create Roles
  5. Auto Table Update
  6. Modeling Views
  7. SQL Script
  8. SAPUI5 Desisgn Toolkit
  9. OData Services
  10. Server-Side JavaScript
  11. Exporting the Pakage
  12. Java Script Debugging
  13. Intro to UI Integration Services
  14. Putting it All together-Pt-1
  15. Putting it All Together-Pt-2

03.Project Zero Building an Agile DataMart

  1. EXPLORER Project Introduction 02.SAP Explorer 1 of 6 – Creating a Schema 03.SAP Explorer 2 of 6 – Connecting From Data Services 04.SAP Explorer 3 of 6 – Copying Data From MySQL to SAP-HANA
  2. Creating Analytic Views (SPS5) 06.SAP Explorer 5 of 6 – Creating an Information 07.SAP Explorer 6 of 6 – Exploring data with Explorer

04.SAP HANA and Mobile

  1. HTML5 Pt 1 – Introduction
  2. HTML5 Pt 2 – Project Chalk Talk
  3. HTML5 Pt 3 — Setting up Tomcat
  4. HTML5 Pt 4 – Setting up HANA Client and HANA
  5. HTML5 Pt 5 — Testing Connectivity
  6. HTML5 Pt 6 – Setting up WebApp
  7. HTML5 Series Pt 7 – Setting up JSTL
  8. HTML5 Series Pt 8 – Connecting JSP to SAP HAN
  9. HTML5 Series Pt 9 – Executing a SQL statement
  10. HTML5 Series Pt 10 – Recap and HTML5 App Target
  11. HTML5 Series Pt 11 – Setting up Sencha Touch
  12. HTML5 Series Pt 12 – Generating a Sencha Touch Application
  13. HTML5 Series Pt 13 – Adding Google Map to app
  14. HTML5 Series Pt 14 – Adding Map icons
  15. HTML5 Series Pt 15 – Rearranging the layout
  16. HTML5 Series Pt 16 – Detecting Map Movement
  17. HTML5 Series Pt 17 – Getting Map Boundaries
  18. HTML5 Series Pt 18 – SQL to Compute Population
  19. HTML5 Series Pt 19 – Extracting Data from SAP HANA
  20. HTML5 Series Pt 20 – Formatting Response as JSON
  21. HTML5 Series Pt 21 – Consuming JSON in HTML5 app
  22. HTML5 Series Pt 22 – Conclusion


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