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Overview of taxation laws in India
Understanding different business scenarios for implementing CIN in SAP
Running through the different Business Scenarios on to the system –
Menupath – Logistic General – Tax On Goodsmovement – India (T Code SPRO)
Basic Settings
Calculation Procedure
Pricing Procedure
Maintain Excise Registrations
Maintain Company Code Settings
Maintain Plant Settings
Maintain Excise Groups
Maintain Series Groups
Maintain Excise Duty Indicators
Maintain Postal Addresses
Determination Of Excise Duty
Select Tax Calculation Procedure
Condition-Based Excise Determination
Define Tax Code For Purchasing Documents
Assign Tax Code To Company Codes
Classify Condition Types
Account Determination
Define G/L Accounts For Taxes
Specify Excise Accounts Per Excise Transaction
Specify G/L Accounts Per Excise Transaction
Business Transactions
Incoming Excise Invoices
Select Fields
Define Processing Modes Per Transaction
Define Reference Documents Per Transaction
Maintain Rejection Codes
Specify Which Movement Types Involve Excise Invoices
Outgoing Excise Invoices
Pricing Procedure For Factory Sales
Assign Billing Types To Delivery Types
Maintain Default Excise Groups And Series Groups
Subcontracting Attributes
Maintain Movement Type Groups
Exports Under Excise Regulations
Make Settings For Are- Procedure
Deemed Exports
Make Settings For Are- Procedure
Maintain License Types
Printouts Of Are Documents
Maintain Output Type
Specify Printers
Transaction Configuration
Define Processing Modes Per Transaction
Define Reference Documents Per Transaction
Maintain Rejection Codes
Utilization Determination
Maintain Minimum Balances For Excise Accounts
Excise Registers
Specify Sapscript Forms
Long Texts
Number Ranges
Message Control


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