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Lecture 1 Introduction to SAP Security
Lecture 2 User Master Record
Lecture 3 Authorization Check
Lecture 4 Select Authorization Concept

Section 2: SAP User Maintenance
Lecture 5 User Types in SAP R/3
Lecture 6 User Creation And Maintenence In SAP
Lecture 7 Login Profile Parameters

Section 3: SAP Role Concept, Design and Maintenance
Lecture 8 Roles and Authorizations in SAP
Lecture 9 Parent and Derived Roles
Lecture 10 Composite Roles

Section 4: SAP ECC Security
Lecture 11 Organizational Levels in SAP
Lecture 12 Authorization Groups
Lecture 13 Security Tables
Lecture 14 Critical Basis Authorizations
Lecture 15 Custom Auth Objects
Lecture 16 Default Users in SAP
Lecture 17 SAP Delivered Checks
Lecture 18 SAP Profile Reconciliation – PFUD

Section 5: SAP Security Reporting
Lecture 19 SAP User Information System

Section 6: Security Support and Troubleshooting – Tips and Tricks
Lecture 20 Display Auth Data in SU53
Lecture 21 ST01 Trace in Security

Section 7: SAP Upgrades
Lecture 22 SU24 Maintain Check Indicators
Lecture 23 Copy Check Indicators – SU25

Section 8: SAP AS JAVA Security
Lecture 24 Portal Permissions
Lecture 25 UME SAP User Management
Lecture 26 UME SAP Roles Mangement
Lecture 27 SAP UME Group Management

Section 9: SAP Business Objects Security
Lecture 28 Central Management Console – CMC
Lecture 29 Creating Users and Groups in CMC
Lecture 30 Access Levels

Section 10: SAP Technical Know how to Manage SAP Security
Lecture 31 Central User Administration – CUA
Lecture 32 SE93 Custom T Code Creation
Lecture 33 SU10 – Mass User Maintenance in SAP R/3

Section 11: Introduction to SAP GRC
Lecture 34 GRC Overview
Lecture 35 Why do you need GRC ?
Lecture 36 SAP GRC 10 – what is new ?
Lecture 37 SAP GRC version history
Lecture 38 Terminology
Lecture 39 GRC Product Components
Lecture 40 Product Availability Matrix for SAP GRC
Lecture 41 SAP GRC – Products and Vendors
Lecture 42 Sizing for SAP GRC

Section 12: Fundamentals of GRC
Lecture 43 Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
Lecture 44 Segregation of Duties – SoD

Section 13: Concepts in GRC
Lecture 45 What is Risk ?
Lecture 46 What is Rule Set
Lecture 47 Role Matrix
Lecture 48 Security Design for SAP GRC
Lecture 49 Organizational Rules

Section 14: Architecture and GRC Infrastructure
Lecture 50 Architecture of GRC
Lecture 51 Landscape Options and Deployment of GRC
Lecture 52 SAP GTS 10.0 – Architecture

Section 15: Major Components of SAP GRC
Lecture 53 SAP GRC Access Control Suite
Lecture 54 SAP GRC Process Control – PC
Lecture 55 SAP GRC Global Trade Services
Lecture 56 SAP GRC EH & S
Lecture 57 SAP GRC Nota Fiscal Electronica

Section 16: GRC Access Risk Analysis – ARA
Lecture 58 SAP GRC ARA – An overview
Lecture 59 SAP GRC AC – Interface – Demo
Lecture 60 SAP GRC Segregation of Duties – Configuration – Demo
Lecture 61 Demo – SAP GRC ARA
Lecture 62 SAP GRC ARA – Document


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